●   Robert Bolerjack - Programming Mentor
Joining  in  the  second year of the team’s existence, Mr. Bolerjack serves as a foundation for the team.  He is the sole programming and electronics mentor and  introduces,  trains  and  oversees  RoboRams  team  members in installing robots’  electronics  and  programming  them.  However,  he  is  also  an invaluable  asset  when  guiding  students  in  grant  writing  and  press  release composition.

●    Laura Cooper - Media Mentor
Mrs.  Cooper  brings  her  culinary  skills  to  the  RoboRams  to  help  keep  our members  focused  and  energized  as  well  as  provides  our  annual  dinner menu.  In  addition  to  her  fabulous  culinary  skills,  Mrs.  Cooper  also  brings with  her  the  knowledge  of fundraising ideas and designs.  Her tailoring and embroidery  skills  have  provided  outstanding,  award-winning  costume/pit designs.

●    Robert Cooper - Lead Mentor/Outreach Coordinator
Mr.  Cooper  is  the  cornerstone  of  this  team!  As  maintenance  supervisor  at Continental  Tire,  this  founding  mentor  coordinates  the  Continental  and CO-OP apprenticeship programs.  Constantly seeking to create opportunities for  K-12  students  in  STEM,  this  Jefferson  County  native’s  true passion is for the youth of the region.  Having experience in competitive robot building, Mr. Cooper concentrates on directing team members is designing and fabricating robots,  as  well  as  fundraising.  His  ceaseless enthusiasm and spirit reaches every student involved.

●    Kelley Flanigan - Public Relations Mentor
With  published  writings  ranging  from  novels to poetry, Ms. Flanigan brings her  literary  skills  to  benefit  students  of  team  4187.  In  her  role  as  Public Relations  mentor,  Ms.  Flanigan  guides  students  as  they  apply  for  grants, write  sponsorship  requests  and  craft  press  releases.  As  the  youngest mentor,  she  prides  herself  in  building  relationships  with  students  and guiding them through the rigors of fundraising season and Chairman’s award preparations.

●    Dustin Foster - MVTHS Faculty/ Design Mentor
○    Mr. Foster provides the driving force keeping the team moving forward!  As a proud   Project  Lead  the  Way  engineering  instructor,  Mr.  Foster  strives  to integrate  engineering  and  design  principles  into  the  team  experience  as much as possible.  With the help of the student design lead, he educates and organizes  the  design  team  in  an effort to create CAD models for the team’s competition robots.  Mr. Foster also aides with team organization and shares responsibility  with  Mr.  Kopin  for  the  safety  of  all  non-faculty,  students  and mentors working or traveling with the RoboRams.

●    Andrew Kopin - MVTHS Faculty/ Fabrication Mentor
○    Mr. Kopin is the indespensable linchpin that introduces, trains and oversees RoboRam team members in the safe use of machine tools, such as the lathe, milling machine, CNC machine, 3D printer and various other shop tools to fabricate parts for the team's robots from metals and plastics.  His extensive experience in marine design engineering  is an invaluable asset to the team.  Mr.Kopin works closely with Mr. Foster to ensure the safety of all students and mentors while working at the school or when the team is away at competitions. 

●    Tanja Wilborn-Promotions Mentor
○    Mrs.  Wilborn  utilizes  her  promotional  and  artistic  talents  to  guide  the students  in  fundraising  and  graphic  design.  She  also  collaborates  with  the other media mentors to design costumes and pit layouts.  In addition to the above,  Mrs.  Wilborn  also  helps  keep  our  students  on  task  and  detailed oriented.

●    Beth Schrader - Business and Finance Mentor
○    Mrs. Schrader brings to the RoboRams table a multiplicity of skills in business and  finance.  Currently,  she  advises  our  financial  department  when developing and implementing budgets and helps the media department with proofreading, fundraising and promotional materials.