MVTHS RoboRams Win Southern Illinois Vex Tournament, Advance to State!


Carbondale, IL - Feb 5th, 2018 – The lead Vex Competition Team from MVTHS stunned those in attendance as their alliance snatched victory at the Southern Illinois Vex Tournament. With their win, they become the first Vex Robotics team in the county to qualify for the state championship on February 24th in Skokie, IL.


Qualifying 4th with a record of 7-1, team 4187A led an alliance of three teams to an elimination tournament win that had attendees on the edge of their seats. Sweeping the quarterfinals, semifinals, and winning their first finals match with a score of 87-63, it looked like this squad of RoboRams would have an easy walk to finals victory. However, when their alliance partners were disabled during the second finals match, there was an audible gasp as the opposing alliance narrowly edged Mt. Vernon’s team 71-70. It all came down a penultimate rubber match that required all the precision, speed, and wit that our three boys could muster. By cleverly changing their autonomous sequence and deftly maneuvering in tandem with their partners, the RoboRam’s alliance secured their spot as tournament champions with an 89-67 win. Describing the moment of victory, lead programmer Bogdan Djordjevic said, “We looked at our teammates, shook hands, and we knew we just won the tournament.”


Bogdan will be joined by team captain Anthony Greene, fabricator Lance White, and strategist Hayden Akin when they compete for a state title and a berth to worlds on February 24th in Skokie, IL.  The team is looking for donors to help with travel and competition expenses.


This is just the second season that the RoboRams have competed in the Vex Robotics Competition. Four Separate teams from MVTHS competed this Saturday with three of them making the playoffs. Bryce Mayo said the playoffs were “cool and fun.”


The work that goes into all of our competition robots is amazing. Anthony Greene would spend every study hall in the robotics lab. “We did everything we could. We spent four hours a day just working on the bot,” described Bogdan.




The Vex robotics victory has been a boon to the team as a whole as they entered week four of a six week build season for an entirely different competition. “The First Robotics Competition offers a wholly different experience,” said engineering instructor Dustin Foster. “With Vex robotics two or three students are really able to design, build, and program the robot. When you’re talking about First Robotics, it’s a team of 35 who create a custom fabricated, 120 lb.

On Thursday, March 1st, the RoboRams will be hosting a media day where they will exhibit both VEX and FRC robots.  The FRC robot will compete in the St. Louis Regional Championship at Chaifetz Arena March 8th through the 10th.


Photo: Winning alliance: From left MVTHS RoboRams VEX Team 4187 -, Lance White, Anthony Green, Bogdan Djordjevic and Hayden Akin (not pictured) along with alliance mates Team 8349B from Gateway Academy To Innovation And Technology, Hopkinsville KY and Team 60637C from Mount Carmel High School, Chicago.