eLaunch is not your normal, everyday class.  eLaunch is a class of Williamson County Juniors and Seniors that meet every day that school is in session, but the class meets from 7:30AM to 9:00AM, BEFORE school.  When you participate in eLaunch, you will not be going to school for the first two classes. Instead, you will be meeting in businesses and traveling across the county learning from business owners, leaders, community volunteers and many others.  You will get a first-hand look at how businesses in our region operate.  You will learn about the failures and successes of business, meet some of the most entrepreneurial people and grow a network that the traditional school classroom can’t deliver.


eLaunch will allow you to explore opportunities that otherwise might now have become available to you while you are in high school.  You will develop leadership skills, think outside of the box, challenge yourself and have a tremendous amount of fun learning!


Join eLaunch


The application process to join the eLaunch class starts at your high school, with your high school counselor.  Each January, high school counselors receive application packets from eLaunch.  Current Sophomores and Juniors may apply for the class.  


The application is not academic based, but instead, the ideal applicant is:


A hard worker and has a strong work ethic.

Has a desire to learn.

Is curious.

Likes to try new things.

Likes to think outside of the box.


The application consists of:

General Information

Personal Narrative Statement

Three References

Student & Parent/Guardian Signature


Applications are returned to your guidance counselor (if you attend private school or are home-schooled, please contact Brandi Bradley).


All personal information is redacted from the applications and they are then returned to eLaunch where they are reviewed by the Board of Directors and student selection is completed.


Student selection is anonymous and there is no guaranteed number of students that will be selected from any particular school.  


Students will be notified directly be eLaunch after the application process is completed.


For more information about applying to the class, please contact your counselor or complete this form.


Below is a list of eligible schools and counselor contact information:


Carterville High School   618-985-2940

Karin Hawkins            khawkins@cartervillelions.com

Erin Basso                   ebasso@cartervillelions.com


Crab Orchard High School  618-982-2181

Mr. Brown                    jon.brown@cocusd3.com


Herrin High School 618-942-6606

Cathy Shelton            cshelton@herrinhs.org


Johnston City High School 618-983-8638

Debbie Ryker            dryker@jcindians.org


Marion High School 618-993-8196

Toby Misener           tmisener@marionunit2.org

Michelle Tate           mtate@marionunit2.org


Area Private Schools – please contact Brandi Bradley for details before applying    bnbradley2012@gmail.com 

Home School Students – please contact Brandi Bradley for details before applying bnbradley2012@gmail.com 

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