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Located in Mt. Vernon Illinois, FRC Team 4187, the RoboRams, was founded in 2011 and has been actively competing in FIRST Robotics Championship since that time.  Team 4187 has experienced an explosion in growth over the past six years, and has become a beacon for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing) in the relative isolation of Southern Illinois.  RoboRams students experience enhanced STEM learning opportunities in a number of technical fields.   Team 4187 is the only FRC team in Southern Illinois at the current time.  With over 50 active high school student members and seven mentors, the RoboRams have branched out beyond FRC to encourage and sponsor the VEX Robotics Championship in area middle schools having started six teams, and the FLL Lego League Robotics Championship in area grade schools having currently sponsored three FLL Teams.


What is it that we do?


FRC Team 4187, the RoboRams, accepts a challenge the first weekend in January, during which time the FIRST Organization releases the details of a robotics challenge/competition to all FRC Teams that wish to participate. The challenge shows what kinds of obstacles a robot must address and overcome in order to successfully compete in the game.  Every year the challenge is completely different.

The participating FRC Teams then have six weeks to design, fabricate, program, test and have their custom made competition robot ready to compete against other high schools in their region.   Our students work six days a week during that time, often putting long hours and late nights.  Our robots are each custom designed and fabricated by the students, there are no pre-made kits or blueprints.  The robots are made from aluminum, steel, plastics, composites and even wood.    Students must design drive/control mechanisms, and other complex mechanisms to manipulate objects on the field of play.  These mechanisms can use motors, gears, drive chains/belts, various types of actuators, and even compressed air.   The robots are powered by a 12-volt battery system, and the robot itself can weigh no more than 120 pounds.  All of the robots are controlled remotely through wireless computer links. The robots operate in both autonomous and tele-operated modes.



RoboRams and Superintendent Holt
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To learn more, feel free to navigate through our webpage and see our robots, competitions and our public outreach efforts. Make sure you visit the FIRST page to see additional information and learn more about FIRST’s mission to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders!




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